mercredi 7 novembre 2012

comming back soon

mardi 21 juin 2011

just a tip for gnome 3

With gnome 3, some features may be
ambiguous for newbies (like me). So I just report two usual elementry actions that one may need:
1. to shutdown the machine: click on your login session (top right). A textual menu will appear with suspend option in the end. When you click 'alt' button, the shutdown option will appear.
2. if you want to find you tray application (skype, empathy ...), move the cursor to the button right of your desktop.

Good luck.

samedi 18 juin 2011

Add "Minimize/Maximize/Close" button in gnome 3

I have installed Fedora 15 with gnome Desktop. Unfortunately, some features are not available in the windows. I find this very smart tutorial to show how to add some "classic" buttons.

I tried it my self and it worked very fine.

mercredi 8 juillet 2009

Google: is it the new microsoft??

I have read today that google is building a new OS called chrome OS. This new OS is based on linux and will be installed essentially on netbooks. With this OS, google aims to produce a secure, fast and reliable OS. But the main goal of google is to make the access easier to the web and its services

The big question is: is google following the same way as Microsoft did 20 years ago ??

I hope that google will not do the same mistake and to keep the Internet open to every one.

vendredi 3 juillet 2009

The last dance

All good things come to an end!!
This is the last dance of my favourite singer : Michael jackson

dimanche 28 juin 2009

amarok and

I was agreeably surprised today when I find that the last version of amarok support access to but it downloads the lyrics of the currently played track also. This feature is very nice particulary for music fans.

PS: Unfortunately, is free only for evaluation. You have to pay 3$/month to listen to

dimanche 14 juin 2009

Fedora 11 is now available

Fedora 11 is now available. Many friends of mine have tested it and the first impression are very good. The trend now is to install x64 version in which more packages are available.

To download the new version of fedora, go to this adress :

And have fun